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Agriculture and Animal Production

  • Animal farming, in general
  • Beef, swine, and poultry production
  • Aqua culture
  • Dairy

Feed conversion rates, maintenance of animal health, prevention of microbial contamination, and waste management issues represent primary operating variables within the animal production industry. Given the thin profit margins within this industry, any incremental improvement in these variables via higher quality water can translate to a significant difference in overall profitability.WSM provides solutions that help feed conversion rates, maintain animal health, prevent product contamination and deal with waste management issues.

  • Water system optimization audits
  • Site / application diagnosis, engineering design, pilot testing and start- up
  • Water treatment system design, sourcing, installation, start- up validation
  • Guidance to meet state and federal regulations
  • Water quality assurance planning, implementation and control
  • Final barrier, disinfections, corrosion control technologies
  • Recycle and energy recovery strategies
  • Potable, process, surface sanitation, wastewater applications
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