Our consulting firm provides opportunities to expand on what you can do. We will continue to build upon our strong infrastructure of scientists, technologists, and business professionals as we assemble consulting teams that must be uniquely qualified to address each client’s needs. Our business is based in Minneapolis, MN with associates based around the U.S.

Our team of consultants and advisors make the difference in our ability to innovate and deliver solutions that create results. They have proven track records that cover many years in the water solutions industry with a broad range of technical, regulatory and marketing and business development skills. It is our vision to offer our clients the best minds at solving water problems and capitalize on market opportunities. If you have expertise in any of the different disciplines that help address water technology issues, please, contact us. Send us a few lines with a copy of your resume at


Water Think Tank
19406 East Bethel Blvd. Cedar, Minnesota 55011