Our Team

Our team combines experience and knowledge of water treatment
solutions with insights into global water markets and market development strategies.

WSM is a unique resource that combines years of industry experience, in-depth technical expertise, and international marketing savvy.

The global markets for the many different water treatment products, applications, and solutions are complex and ever-changing.

  • Market data are often limited and not easy to access
  • Diverse end user needs present many challenging technical issues
  • Regulations are often complicated and vary greatly from place to place
  • Products that work well on paper, and even in test labs, sometimes fail in real world environments
  • Business opportunities are not always readily apparent to the inexperienced viewer

Our team offers both broad and in-depth knowledge of the worldwide water treatment and sanitation industries as well as familiarity with the regulatory standards that must be met or exceeded in actual working circumstances. We also offer direct access to internationally-recognized scientists and technologists with cutting-edge knowledge related to water issues. Each of our multidisciplinary teams is formed by WSM's partners and advisors based upon the skills required for each clients"s unique project.

Philip C. Olsen – Partner
David J Paulson – Partner
Jorge A. Fernandez – Partner
Gautam Khanna – Consulting Associate
Dr. Debra E. Huffman – Scientific Advisor
Dr. Judith A. Grove –Technical Research and Training Advisor

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