Health Care
  • Hospitals
  • Health care
  • Dental Offices
  • Long- term care facilities

Health care facilities must satisfy rigid sanitation standards due to the specialized nature of the services they provide. Many of their clients are especially sensitive to waterborne disease.

WSM can ensure that health care facilities support these significant water quality demands with reliable and concise advice about water quality issues.

WSM does not sell treatment equipment or chemicals. Rather, we help clients purchase the technologies and services that best satisfy water treatment needs and concerns.

  • Identification of current and potential water contamination issues
  • Specialized water treatment concerns (including dialysis, legion ella, bio film, lead & copper, laundry & surface sanitation)
  • Site / application diagnostics, engineering design, pilot testing and start-up
  • Guidance to meet state and federal regulations
  • Technology application evaluations and pilot testing
  • Water quality assurance planning, implementation and control
  • Final barrier, disinfections, corrosion control technologies
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