Homeland Security

After the tragedy of September 11, America is ever more aware of the potential risks that exist to the water supply and to the health and welfare of the population. Public water systems also represent one of the most physically extensive and generally unprotected aspects of our economic infrastructure. This is indeed a new field for many and WSM consultants can bring to it much knowledge gained in years of technical practice.

WSM can be an invaluable assistant to government homeland protection efforts. We provide fact-based, unbiased water supply risk assessment and introduce strategies capable of diffusing such risk, if not completely eliminating it.
  • Realistic and fact- based risk assessments
  • Validity, fallacy and risk of sensor based strategies
  • Psycho / socio graphic and economic based response modeling
  • System design, development and evaluation of "Final - sensor / barrier" ideas
  • Training programs for regulatory agencies and drinking water utilities
  • Infrastructure development strategies and training for point-of-entry installation,
    performance monitoring, maintenance and repair services
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