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Large building properties with transitory resident populations have significant water quality and quantity demands, especially those located outside the service boundaries of municipal water plants. For quality assurance, sound advice at the design stage and on an everyday basis is the sure way to address issues that later may result in costly re-engineering corrections.

WSM provides architects, builders, owners, and managers with sound water technology and system design advice to address water quality, sanitation, conservation, and treatment issues and health and regulatory compliance concerns.

  • Site / application diagnostics, engineering design, pilot testing and start- up
  • Water treatment equipment design, sourcing, installation, start-up
  • Guidance to meet state and federal regulations
  • Evaluation of technology applications and pilot testing
  • Quality assurance planning and control, process and surface sanitation
  • Final barrier, lead, copper, disinfections, corrosion control technologies
  • Potable, process, waste and recycle applications
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