Manufacturers’ demands for quality industrial process water have become most exacting. The fact is that final product quality is driven by the consistency of quality in the production inputs, water being a critical one of them. Sometimes, production capacity potentials cannot be realized due to water supply and/or discharge limitations imposed by utilities and/or regulatory authorities.

WSM provides plant operators sound technology and system design advice to address water treatment issues and the quality control procedures that best fit their industrial processes.

WSM does not sell treatment equipment or chemicals. Rather, we help clients purchase the technologies and services that best satisfy water treatment needs and concerns.

  • Water system optimization audits
  • Site / application diagnostics, engineering design, pilot testing and start-up
  • Guidance to meet state and federal regulations
  • Water quality assurance planning, implementation and control
  • Final barrier, disinfections, corrosion control technologies
  • Potable, process, surface, wastewater applications
Water Think Tank
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