Public Utilities

  • Water utilities - public & private
  • Electric & gas utilities expanding into water treatment services

Many changes are taking place around public utilities. On one side, there are changes in technology, asset ownership and more stringent regulations. On the other side, there is the continuing deterioration and vulnerability of drinking water distribution infrastructures. This has brought greater public awareness and concerns about the safety of drinking water. A reflection of such sentiment is the exponential increase in bottled water and faucet mount and pitcher filters sales over the recent past. The most progressive utilities (water as well as some electric and gas utilities), are finally responding to stepped-up consumer demands for water quality options and they can get in a position to reap the benefits afforded by a confident and trusting customer base.

WSM provides water and other utilities an expedient resource to enter a potentially exciting new market – home water treatment, leveraging an existing broad customer base and already established logistics of customer service and after-sale service

  • Consumer Research
  • Market entry strategies
  • Educational seminars - Technology, installation, monitoring and service
  • New product line development, design and third- party validation
  • Point- of- entry strategies (Pricing, performance, maintenance and repair services)
  • Guidance to meet state and federal regulations
  • Training and educational programs for regulatory agencies and utilities
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