Small Public and Private Water Systems

  • Community
  • Non- community, Non- transient
  • Transient

Limited financial and operational resources stand in the way of small public water systems from providing water that meets minimum health standards for human consumption and use. Many cannot afford to buy or operate water treatment technologies that have primarily been designed for large municipalities. This has recently become more problematic as regulatory agencies push for more stringent water standards.

WSM examines performance, reliability, serviceability, and expandability, in conjunction with capital and operating costs empowering small public water system owners with the right information leading to objective purchase decisions.

  • Water system performance optimization audits
  • Site / application diagnostics, design, pilot testing and start- up
  • Guidance to meet state and federal regulations
  • Water quality assurance planning, implementation and control
  • QWTR LT1 and LT2, arsenic and groundwater disinfection rule compliance
  • State and federal regulatory compliance
  • Training and educational programs for regulatory agencies and small public water
    system owners
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