Business Growth Planning

Formulating growth strategies that involve both technical expertise and market insights is a complex and time-consuming process, no matter whether a company sells products, like point–of–use filters, water treatment appliances, ice–making machines, beverage dispensers, or provides water treatment services.

Many water technology companies have problems creating and implementing aggressive marketing programs because they do not fully understand the requirements of end users and distribution channels and they are not very skilled in assessing market needs. WSM offers services to bridge the critical span from analyzing end user needs to formulating plans for the development and market launch of product solutions that maximize customer satisfaction. If the client finds it helpful or necessary, WSM can actually execute such marketing plans.

Business Growth Planning Services:

  • Competitive analysis & acquisition target assessment
  • Market research
  • Market entry strategies (US and overseas)
  • Product feature / benefit & performance analysis
  • Technology, service and sales training programs
  • New product development and testing
  • Distribution channel development
  • Identification of strategic alliance opportunities
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