Distribution Channel Development

For any company, breaking into a new distribution channel can be a hard decision. Among the critical questions that need an answer are:
  • What level of sales can be expected?
  • Which way to go–distributors or direct?
  • Will current distributors devote enough time to new products?
  • Can an entirely new channel successfully sell water treatment products?

Distribution issues are not easy resolve, but hold sizable opportunities for expanding sales. WSM combines experience and knowledge of water treatment solutions with sensitivity into distribution channel issues.

Distribution Channel Services:

  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Market entry strategies (US & overseas)
  • Key client and strategic alliance identification
  • Technology, service and sales training / certification programs
  • Distribution channel development
  • Government and regulatory interface
  • Pricing & margin structures

Our unique consulting organization develops superior distribution channel strategies with an intimate knowledge of the needs of buyers and end users.

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