Market Entry Strategies

To grow sales further, companies need to tap new geographical markets and product applications. Unfortunately, with limited information such market entry strategies are risky. Customers, regulations, pricing and distribution channels are different in each market.

WSM consultants have commercial experience in the US and abroad and they can help sort through these challenges, developing entry strategies uniquely designed to achieve maximum growth potential.

We combine experience and knowledge of water treatment solutions with insights into global water markets and market development strategies.

Market Entry Strategy Services:

  • Market segmentation & size estimation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market research
  • Key client and strategic alliance identification
  • Proactive strategies addressing barriers to market entry
  • Technology, service and sales training / certification programs
  • Government and regulatory interface
  • Product feature / benefit / price & performance analysis
  • Distribution channel development
  • Assistance in hiring key marketing, sales and technical personnel

Our unique consulting organization can develop superior market entry plans and assist in the execution, reducing risk of failure and maximizing speed of action.

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