Market Research Services

When a company develops a novel technology, it looks to quantify sales potential within the water treatment market. Before investing further, it is wise to determine if the new product can attract enough customers to justify the program.
  • What features / benefits are the critical ones?
  • How to position it against competitors?
  • How to price the new product?
  • Which are the right distribution channels?

WSM consultants have the experience in water treatment markets combined with advanced market research techniques to help find answers that lead to successful market growth.

Market Research Services:

  • Market segmentation & size estimation
  • Consumer & end-user qualitative & quantitative research
  • Pricing & margin structures
  • Competitor ranking and preference analysis
  • Purchase decision process analysis
  • Product feature / benefit & performance analysis
  • Value added chain and distribution channel analysis

Half of the market battle is won by having timely & correct information… WSM can position the business on the high ground, with market information that is actionable and relevant to current and emerging opportunities.

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