Personnel Development and Training Programs

Technically savvy customers feel disappointed when sales personnel do not know how to solve technical issues. Sales, marketing, customer service and field personnel need solid water technical knowledge for a company to succeed.

Comprehensive and professional technical training programs in water treatment create the basis of successful business growth strategies and establish a strong foundation for a company’s competitive position.

WSM’s educational services dramatically enhance the capabilities of marketing, sales and field personnel to create trusting, satisfied customers that keep coming back.

Recent Training Seminars:

  • Arsenic removal technologies
  • Surface sanitation technologies for food processing plants
  • Kidney dialysis systems
  • Water disinfections with UV254, O- zone or chlorine
  • Application, installation. start up, operation and trouble shooting filtration technologies
  • Oxidation of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide
  • Design and operations for small public water systems
  • Certified training for licensed public water system operators
  • Copper and lead removal technologies and strategies for schools
  • Compliance technologies for the USEPA SWTR-LT2
  • Disinfect ion of private well water systems
  • Installation and repair of home water softeners
  • Waste water treatment technologies for precious metal plating
  • Homeland security technologies
  • Diagnostics and technologies for problem water applications

WSM develops objective educational training in the application of water treatment technologies. Industry specific courses are available for agricultural, food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, residential point–of–use / point–of–entry, and municipal treatment applications.

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