Technology Application and Pilot Studies

Finding that a given technology supports a specific new application can lead to an entirely new business opportunity. WSM excels at developing alternative uses and applications. Development of a product also includes testing to see if its performance covers the full spectrum of expected operational conditions and how it compares to competing alternatives.

WSM responds to the question: "Could this new application of our water technology support a potential new business?"

Application & Pilot Testing Services:

  • Creation / review of test protocols to ensure data reliability
  • Test station design, construction, calibration
  • In-house or In- field evaluations
  • Short-term to long-term (multi- year) studies
  • Regulatory challenge testing (viable/non-viable)
  • On-line data acquisition and logging (hardwire & remote)
  • USEPA and FDA test protocols
  • Standard methods applied
  • Pilot system design, assembly & installation
  • Failure-default evaluations
  • Mechanical and water quality specification

WSM adds value by performance evaluation and verification testing. This helps clients
avoid costly market failures.

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