Product Development and Testing

Water Think Tank offers state-of-the-art knowledge of water treatment product design and the underlying technology for both current and emerging techniques. From our work on projects developing new technology, new products and new applications we stay up on cutting edge developments.

We have long and deep experience in reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, depth filtration, adsorption, UV, ozone and advanced techniques. We have designed and help commercialize scores of new products in a variety of applications, and know the market requirements for performance, and just as important for convincing performance data.

We supplement this expertise with realistic costing, component sourcing and assembly feasibility analysis.

WTT offers fast response to market opportunities by helping design and prototype new products and technology to help your business grow.

Product / System Design & Testing Services:

  • Basic configuration for deployment of new technology
  • Application specific product improvements
  • Definition of feature / benefit / performance / price-point criteria that meets end user demands
  • Component design and system engineering
  • Performance and application specifications
  • Competitor analysis and SWOT evaluations
  • Regulatory compliance studies
  • Fail safe risk assessment
  • Patent application support documentation
  • Breadboard / prototype fabrication
  • In-house or benefit focus groups
  • Quality specifications
Water Think Tank
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